The Importance of Bearing Maintenance

December 01, 2021 by SLS

Predictive maintenance services should always encompass bearing usage and operation to ensure the continued and effective running of your mechanical components. Bearings, while only a fractional and relatively inexpensive component of the entire mechanical operation, hold the highest dispensation for downtime and can be the root cause for many operational failures without the correct maintenance schedule applied. So, it’s vital to be aware of the importance of predictive maintenance services on[...]

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Predictive Maintenance Program To Prolong Electric Motor Lifespan And Prevent Failure

February 23, 2021 by SLS

We all know that it is important to properly look after our equipment and carry out maintenance where necessary, especially on electric motors, due its delicate parts that require service in order to work properly. Therefore, in order to prolong its service lifespan and prevent premature failure, it is absolutely critical that the right motor maintenance program is selected.

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5 Reasons Why Predictive Maintenance is Important for Electric Motors

July 14, 2020 by SLS

What is predictive maintenance for electric motors? Predictive maintenance programs use condition-monitoring tools and testing systems within the motor to track the equipment’s performance. Sensors installed in the electric motors stream real-time data into a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) and identify areas that need attention. Monitoring devices on electric motor Monitoring the motor while it’s in operation assists the detection of potential defects, allowing repairs and[...]

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Applying Thermography to Predictive Maintenance

November 20, 2019 by SLS

When undergoing their predictive maintenance routine, engineers would often carry out condition-based monitoring such as vibration analysis to improve understanding of the machine condition and enhance the reliability of their equipment. But do you know there is also another type of condition-based monitoring that you can apply to your predictive maintenance solution? That's right, it is thermography.

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