Electrical Basics Training For An F&B Company In Shah Alam, Malaysia

November 06, 2019 by SLS

With its strategic location along the Melaka Straits and well developed infrastructure including Port Klang, which is among the top 12 biggest ports in the world, Selangor is home to many food and beverage manufacturing companies who are in the business of food processing and manufacturing, the fifth largest industry in the state, In the F&B sector, it is crucial to be equipped with basic electrical knowledge to prevent production from unplanned shutdown and downtime.

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Bearing Lubrication Training on Jurong Island

September 12, 2019 by SLS

Jurong Island is located to the southwest of the main island of Singapore, off Jurong Industrial Estate. It is also the largest of Singapore's outlying islands and home to many petrochemical companies. In the petrochemical sector, maintenance is a critical part of the operation to prevent machine downtime and ensure optimal performance.

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People Development: Service Excellence Workshop

August 31, 2016 by Sabrina Quek

People development is an integral part of SLS. We value the individuals and know the importance of our commitment towards constant improvement and development. Since 2003, SLS Bearings has been certified with Singapore People Developer Standard, a recognition to organizations that invest in their people in training and development.

categories: Traning and Development

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