The Importance of Bearing Maintenance

December 01, 2021 by SLS

Predictive maintenance services should always encompass bearing usage and operation to ensure the continued and effective running of your mechanical components. Bearings, while only a fractional and relatively inexpensive component of the entire mechanical operation, hold the highest dispensation for downtime and can be the root cause for many operational failures without the correct maintenance schedule applied. So, it’s vital to be aware of the importance of predictive maintenance services on[...]

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The Importance of Lubrication in Bearings and Other Components

October 27, 2021 by SLS

Precision is the key to minimizing friction in transmission, and bearing lubrication is the answer to ensuring the rolling component keeps on rolling. There are many reasons for bearing failure, from overloading to improper mounting. But lubrication can also be a contributor when using the wrong type, applying it incorrectly or not providing the correct preventative maintenance. To learn more about bearing failure and its reasons, read our other blog “What Causes Roller Bearings to Fail and[...]

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Your Guide to Bearing Dismounting- Methods & Tools

October 23, 2019 by SLS

While proper bearing mounting procedure is critical to the performance of bearings, the dismounting of bearings is of equal importance and full care must be taken not to damage other machine components. In this guide, we will learn about the different dismounting methods and the tools required for the bearing applications.

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Your Guide to Bearing Mounting- Methods & Tools

October 03, 2019 by SLS

A bearing's lifespan depends on a few factors: Mounting and Dismounting Bearing Maintenance Frequent Lubrication In this post, we are going to focus on the mounting of bearings and learn about the different methods of bearing installation

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These Are The 5 Things You Should Not Do To Your Bearings

November 21, 2017 by SLS

Taking care of your bearings in a proper manner is an important process to increase their lifespan and enhance bearings performance. Often times when bearings are mishandled, it will lead to premature failure.

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Choosing the Right Grease for Your Bearings

October 25, 2017 by SLS

Improper lubrication is the largest cause of premature bearing failure, and even the very best bearing succumbs to the inevitable consequence when it is lubricated incorrectly. Grease is considered to be the fundamental component of the bearing, housing and sealing, therefore choosing the right bearing grease is an essential step to ensure high reliability and optimum operating life.

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You Can Prevent These Premature Bearing Failures

September 26, 2017 by SLS

Premature bearing failure is the single biggest issue faced by many industries during the operation of their machinery and equipment. These early breakdowns pose a headache to many, as it leads to an increase in machine downtime, and ultimately resulting in an overall loss in the cost of operation. But in fact, most of these failures can be easily prevented by adopting best practices for bearings maintenance. According to SKF, there are 4 factors that contribute to these untimely breakdowns:

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Understanding Shaft and Housing Alignment & Fits (to Prevent Bearing Failure)

April 04, 2017 by SLS

Bearings are manufactured with extreme precision. Therefore, it is necessary to pay strong attention to details to the mounting and maintenance process in order for the bearings to attain its best performance. Otherwise, it will lead to huge problems along the way, such as premature bearing failure and unplanned downtime, which is very costly to your business operation.

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Bearing Failure: Lubrication

February 27, 2017 by SLS

Lubrication is an integral part all machinery, in which anything that involve motion, such as bearings, need lubricant and lubrication activities. According to a variety of studies, improper lubrication tops the list for bearing failures where it accounts for 36%, followed by poor fitting at 16%, while 14% is led by contamination problems and reaching its natural lifespan constitutes 34%.

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8 Tips For Bearing Maintenance

June 06, 2016 by SLS

The way a bearing is maintained and handled has a huge impact on its performance. Proper maintenance and handling leads to longer bearing life, minimized downtime, and greater productivity, which ultimately leads to cost savings and lower cost of ownership for your business. Here is a simple 8-point checklist for ensuring your bearing is always handled in the correct way and thus, optimizing performance.

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