Electrical Basics Training For An F&B Company In Shah Alam, Malaysia

With its strategic location along the Melaka Straits and well developed infrastructure including Port Klang, which is among the top 12 biggest ports in the world, Selangor is home to many food and beverage manufacturing companies who are in the business of food processing and manufacturing, the fifth largest industry in the state, In the F&B sector, it is crucial to be equipped with basic electrical knowledge to prevent production from unplanned shutdown and downtime. 

ARYZTA has an in-house lean maintenance team that carries out maintenance work themselves and wanted to equip the team with more knowledge so that their maintenance jobs can be performed better. When an internal knowledge gap analysis was conducted, it was discovered that basic electrical knowledge was lacking in the team.

With a strong established partnership for years, ARYZTA reached out to SLS earlier this year to conduct a customized training program on Electrical Basics that could meet the requirements of their engineers, plant operators and technicians based in Shah Alam, Selangor,  Malaysia.

A month and a half prior to the actual training, our reliability specialist, Mr. Anil traveled to our client's plant in Shah Alam to survey the training facilities to make sure that the training program was tailored to the specific needs of our client.

The training program was held for two days. The first day started off with an introduction of electrical basics by Mr. Anil and the second day consisted of a Baker instruments introduction with a practical session and hands-on exercises. The maintenance team, along with 10 other participants from Malaysia, Taiwan and Singapore branch took part in the training. Our client's directors, managers and HR manager were also present during the program.

an image showing SLS Reliablity Specialist introducing the topic on Electrical Basics to participants
SLS Reliability Specialist, Mr. Anil N. Sabannavar introducing Electrical Basics


image showing an SLS Associate Engineer interacting with participants during a practical session on electrical basics

SLS Associate Engineer, Mr. Marimuthu Natarajan interacting with the participants during the practical session


an image showing a technician getting hands-on with electric motor testing

A participant getting hands-on with electric motor testing

Overall, the training program was well-received by the management and participants. The maintenance team now have a good understanding on electrical basics and are able to apply their new knowledge into their work.


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by SLS on November 06, 2019

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