Shaft Alignment: Achieving Greater Accuracy for an Engineering & Motor Servicing Company


Hock Cheong is an engineering company with business expertise in providing motor overhaul, rewinding and generator servicing as well as installation of air conditioning and general electrical systems. Their strength lies in their understanding of any type of AC motors/generators/alternators and their ability to service them in the most competent manner. Hock Cheong’s dedication to service excellence and track record built up strong bonds with its industrial, commercial and residential clients with a reputation for reliability seen in various industries and building developers.  

How SLS Created an Advantage:

Issue: The engineers at Hock Cheong were facing problems with their shaft alignment tool. 

Solution: After understanding the specific needs required by Hock Cheong, the SLS team introduced the SKF Shaft Alignment Tool TKSA41, an advanced laser alignment solution for achieving better accuracy. 

Benefit:  With enhanced measuring and reporting, the new tool has significantly improved machine uptime and reduced maintenance costs. The simplicity of the TKSA 41 provides greater assurance for the performance of alignment tasks and allows the maintenance and technical team to perform their tasks in an even more accurate and efficient manner.

 Image showing the SKF shaft alignment tksa 41 kit

SKF Shaft Alignment Tool TKSA-41


“As an engineering company specializing in motor works and servicing, as well as installation of electrical systems, we must have an effective structure that not only save us time during operation, but also achieve maximum productivity with accuracy and precision.

This is particularly true for shaft alignment as it is the lifeblood of motors and generation systems; therefore we have to make sure that we are equipped with the best shaft alignment tools. This is where SLS introduced us to the SKF Shaft Alignment Tool TKSA-41, an advanced laser alignment solution for achieving accurate shaft alignments.

The TKSA-41 is easy to use, yet packed with loads of features that are extremely beneficial to our operation. Apart from achieving greater precision in alignment measurement, the automatic reports function is especially useful and allows us to customize our reports with notes and images; previously we had to generate our reports manually and it was a cumbersome task, this feature has saved us so much time!    

I was impressed with the commitment shown by the SLS team; after purchasing the shaft alignment tool, we were provided with comprehensive training sessions on how to operate the new tool. The SLSPro engineers were very knowledgeable and took us step-by-step throughout the entire operation process and provide additional support whenever we require technical assistance. Their dedication in service is truly outstanding, good work, SLS! “

- Mr. Eric Tan, Operation Manager, Hock Cheong


We can help you become a shaft alignment expert.

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by SLS on July 24, 2017

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