Industrial Automation: 4 Key Highlights from SLS’ Participation in ITAP 2022

The Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific (ITAP) is one of Asia’s leading trade events for the manufacturing and industrial sector with a focus on Industry 4.0. The fifth edition, ITAP 2022, was held on 18 to 20 October 2022 at the Singapore EXPO.

SLS is proud to have participated in this event which enabled us to showcase our suite of products and solutions focusing on the mechanic, hydraulic and pneumatic industries. This marks the first time that SLS has taken part in ITAP.

Themed “Industry 4.0 for Business Sustainability’, ITAP 2022 took a deep dive into three key areas: digitalisation, talent and workforce development, and environmental sustainability. Exhibitors presented the latest advanced manufacturing technologies, products and innovations that can help companies can transform value chains and develop sustainable business practices in a post-pandemic era.

At ITAP 2022, SLS participated in the Industrial Automation segment of the exhibition which focuses on factory and process automation, system solutions and industrial IT solutions.

Over the three-day event, we had the opportunity to interact and network with trade delegates and visitors. Through product demonstrations and immersive digital experiences, we were excited to showcase the latest applications that can meet the industrial automation needs of present and future customers as they move towards digitalisation.

 Here are some key highlights from our three-day exhibit at ITAP 2022.

  1. Pick-and-place robot applications to enhance productivity


    Pick-and-place applications can be used to enhance efficiency and productivity, as well as to reduce manpower and the strain of physical work. In industrial settings, advanced robotics can be used to carry out palletising, packing and lifting.

    During ITAP 2022, we demonstrated how an automated palletising and depalletising stacking system using UR’s plug-and-play cobot systems can lift and place objects with ease.

    In our design, we used Ewellix’s Liftkit and Slidekit to extend the vertical and horizontal reach of the mounted cobot to increase the operational range. This is particularly useful for customers engaged in palletising and depalletising of cargos of various sizes.

    Through this, we were able to showcase the flexibility and adaptability of cobot systems and how they could be safely used in production and manufacturing lines.

  2. Predictive maintenance solutions and tools to minimise operational downtime

    Predictive maintenance solutions

    Predictive maintenance is critical to ensure the continued and effective operation of mechanical components in factories, production facilities and other industrial facilities. Without regularly scheduled maintenance, mechanical faults can occur which can lead to operational downtime.

    During ITAP 2022, we were pleased to explain the importance of predictive maintenance and share the benefits of our SLS PRO Vibration Condition Monitoring system. By adding vibration sensors on machinery and other equipment, we can collect vibration measurements. With the vibration analysis, we can monitor the health of machinery and undertake proactive maintenance before machines suffer breakdowns due to component failure.

    Some of the predictive maintenance products that we introduced to trade visitors included the SKF Quick Collect Sensors and SKF Motor Encoder Units. These sensors can be connected to apps on smartphones and tablets to enable real-time analysis of vibration and temperature data. It is ideal for service, reliability operations and maintenance personnel.

  3. Linear motion components for automated production lines
    Linear motion components 01

    Linear motion systems enable precision movements and enhance efficiency in automated production lines. They can be used in various applications including positioning, sorting and transporting.

    The major components of a linear motion systems include actuators, linear bearings and control systems. We took the opportunity during ITAP 2022 to display our full suite of integrated products and solutions that can be used for linear motion systems.

    This included the following: ABBA Linear Guides and Ball Screws, Samick Linear Bushings and INA Linear Guidance System, and the Festo Pneumatic System Liquid Handling Technology with Dispensing Head VTOE.

    During the event, we were pleased to explain and demonstrate how these products worked and how they can bring about benefits such as greater precision, reliability and efficiency in production lines.

    For example, the liquid handling technology of the FESTO Pneumatic System uses the VTOE dispensing head which offers reliability and high precision in the positioning and dispensing of liquids. It is suitable for use in laboratories.

  4. Industrial components for a variety of applications

    Industrial components 01

    During the exhibition, we also introduced to trade delegates a suite of industrial products and components that can be used in various applications and settings.

    These included the Regina range of conveyor chains and belts, which are easy to install, light and can cover various lengths. This range is suitable for F&B, electronics, chemicals and light industries. At our booth, we assembled a mini conveyor using the plastic modular belt from the Regina range to show how easy and convenient installation could be.

    We were also pleased to showcase NIS Gear Boxes, a low cost-efficient device that can reduce motor speed in various applications such as conveyors, door openings, simple lifting machines, and automation machines.

    In addition, we introduced the SKF range of lubricants which can increase machine reliability and Kaydon thin section bearings which can provide our customers with increased design flexibility.


    A growing number of industries and businesses are embracing digital transformation and adopting automated systems as we head deep into the era of Industry 4.0. SLS is pleased to offer an integrated suite of products and solutions that can provide the high performance, reliability, efficiency, speed and precision that businesses are looking for. Visit our website to find out more about how we can improve operational reliability and extend the longevity of your business-critical assets.

    Do enjoy the video of SLS’ booth at ITAP 2022!

    Find out more about the products and solutions that we showcased at ITAP 2022:

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